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What is 'My Account'?

'My Account' is a user account that you can create on our site that makes the shopping process easier and lets you check the status of an order as well as your order history.


How do I create a user account (My Account)?


Click 'My Account' in the menu on the left-hand side of our online shop and then click 'Create an account'. On the registration page, you’ll need to fill in any field marked with a star.


We comply with the relevant data protection regulations. Basically, this means that all your personal information remains safe and out of the hands of any third parties.


Can I order without My Account?


Yes, of course. At the beginning of the checkout process we give you the option of proceeding as a guest. However, if you’d like to create an account and save your address for next time, you can create a password on the order confirmation page. We never save payment details.


How can I delete My Account?


Customer Service is able to delete your account at any time. Please click here to send us a message if you want that we delete your account.