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Will I receive a new RatePay invoice if I return items from my order?

No, you do not receive an updated invoice via RatePAY. 

If you pay your invoice before the payment due date you only need to pay for the items you’ve kept and the shipping costs. Just subtract the amount of the returned items from the original invoice. 

If you returned all items from the order the shipping costs will also be refunded.  

Note: The due date of the RatePAY invoice is independent of our 100-day return policy. If you want to use our 100-day return policy, please pay for the whole invoice first so no late reminder fees will be put in place for you. As soon as we confirmed your return you will get the money refunded through RatePAY. You will only get cashback if you have already paid for the whole invoice. If you have made no payment and return all items from the order, the invoice will just be closed.  

If you have more questions regarding your invoice or payment, we advise you to contact RatePAY’s customer service directly:  

Tel: +49 30 983 20 86 20