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BESTSELLER's electronic gift card terms of use


BESTSELLER’s electronic gift cards can be used in the brand-specific online shop from the BESTSELLER brand specified on the gift card. In addition, the gift card can be used in any physical store with the specified BESTSELLER brand on the store front. However, gift cards purchased in BIANCO's and J. LINDEBERG's online shop cannot be used in BIANCO's or J. LINDEBERG's physical stores.

Gift cards with the brand “BESTSELLER” can be used across all BESTSELLER brand specific online shops and in any physical store with a BESTSELLER brand on the store front.

At any time you can check the current balance of your gift card HERE. The gift card’s period of validity is specified on the card itself.

BESTSELLER’s gift cards are powered by fashioncheque Holding B.V. You can find the applicable terms and conditions HERE.