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How do I use my gift card?

How do I use a gift card when making an online purchase?

  • To use gift card as a payment method, simply type in the 19-digit gift card number and control code in the gift card section of the shopping cart.
  • For gift cards purchased on BESTSELLER's online shop, you can find the card number and control code at the bottom of the PDF file.
  • For physical gift cards purchased in a BESTSELLER store, you can find the card number and the control code on the back side of the gift card.


How many gift cards can I add to my purchase?

  • It is possible to add up to 5 gift cards per purchase you make. The maximum amount allowed for a purchase is 200. 

Can I combine a gift card payment with other payment methods?

  • Yes, you can easily combine a gift card payment with a PayPal or credit card payment in the same purchase.
  • It is however not possible to combine a gift card payment with a Klarna invoice or Klarna account payment. 

Can I check the balance of my gift card online?

Is it possible to return items purchased with a gift card?

  • Yes, you will be refunded in the same way you paid for the order.
  • If you paid the full amount of your order with a gift card, we will issue you a new gift card for the same amount.
  • If you paid for your order by combining a gift card with another payment method, we will first refund the amount paid by that payment method. Any residual amount will be refunded in the form of a new gift card.

Where can I use my gift card?

  • Gift cards purchased in physical stores (with the exception of J.LINDEBERG stores), can be used in the specific physical store that sells the brand the gift card is bought from (with the exception of J.LINDEBERG stores). That is, VERO MODA gift cards can be redeemed in VERO MODA stores, etc. 

Is it possible to cancel my gift card if I lose it?

  • No, it is unfortunately not possible to cancel a lost gift card.

Why can't I use a discount code to buy a gift card?

  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply any form of discount when purchasing a gift card.